RMS Cool Tool's

  • Price Checker
    Price Checker is an network application that allows a store to place kiosk around there store for customers to check Prices, Qty on Hand, Sub description's 1, 2 or 3 and product images or any data from the RMS Database

  • Real Time PO Receiving.
    We have a real time app for Symbol Scanners. This allows a real time receiving of your Purchase Orders. When utilized with our add on modules this application will streamline the receiving of products. Simply Scan Barcode or Enter Items Number, Enter Qty. of Item, Qty. of Case Labels then press enter. This will trigger Printing of Shelf Price Label, Labels to adhere to outside of cases if needed, Barcodes if item marks as needing them printed, Perform Price Calculation for All Price Levels based on your category price markup settings, Update your inventory, Print Label identifying Backordered Items with customer info, qty ordered etc. and trigger the sync of that item to you website.
  • Advanced Inventory  Suite
    AIS is a suite of Tools designed to maximize data input speed and inventory management of your RMS system.
    AIS allows the user to calculate price markups on a per item basis at time of  entry using a markup schedule based on Departments.
    Custom Markups can also be used on a per item basis for Items requiring Custom Markups that are not reflected throughout the department.
    The management of your web descriptions and other pertinent web data can also be managed from the item screens and with the use of  WebSync will be reflected on you site.
    AIS's Ditto tool will make entering similar products a breeze with one button click pertinent data will be retrieved and auto filled in the form which will allow you to simply add the item lookup code modify the description, on hand,  etc. then save and your done!! This can be used from the last entered item or you can enter the look up code you want to ditto.
    Quick Receive is a Inventory receive on the demand tool is for non PO orders. Simply enter the item lookup code and enter the quantity and save. (Quick Receive also allows you to view the image for the item, description and current on hand.
    Advanced Department Management with Markups based a per department schema.
    ImageGrab will allow you to enter your vendors web url information and ImageGrab will check the database for items from that vendor that do not have images, it will then check the image directory for a matching picture using that part number, If found it will retrieve the image.
    More features to be added to this list soon.